We All Need to Be Skinkissed Sometimes.

My skin has become so crazy after having two boys. Its like Right were not going to give you that Pregnancy glow were going to make your skin dry, and spot prone and just all around crazy looking. We love … Continue reading

Easter Makeup!

  Hey!! So I thought Easter was a great excuse to do a little out there look and play with my Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos palette. So I came up with this!! 

When I think of Easter colours I think yellow blue and pink and even purples so that’s what I went for 🙂 

First I used my Collection #concealandlightlikeapro for a bit of colour correcting and a little contouring. Highlighting just my upper cheeks (I’ve got quite high cheek bones as it is) and my forehead and a little on my nose. I thin used Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in shade 100 ivory and done a thin layer all over my face. I find this foundation so light on my face making it not feel, or even look like its caked on. Next, I lightly dusted my Revlon highlighting palette in 020 Rose Glow over my cheeks. 

Now my face was on so time to play with my Colour Chaos! I used super Y on my kids. Taking a little of WKD I used my angle brush us make an exaggerated winged eyeshadow look staying above my crease and then bringing a little of it in the outer corners of the lid to about where your pupil starts. 

Next, I cut my crease a little with Ammunition. I then blend it. After, I took a small eye shadow sponge applicator and used Beyond real to put 4 pink dots on my lid going outside in. I used my Absolute eyeliner in blue to line the top and bottom of my eyes. And finally, some good ol 3D mascara to extend my lashes.

I’ve had to use a bright pink so I went for my Sexy Mother Pucker from Soap and Glory shade in Whoppink. I love it cause it makes my lips look bigger! Add a little makeup fixed spray and bam you have this look! 

I hope you all have a great Easter and enjoyed this little tutorial!  Have a lovely day!

-Candi X