My Disastrous Hair Cut From Hell

My hair has looked and seen it all. Its been every colour on the hair colour wheel, and all sorts of different styles and lengths from the Victoria Beckham Bob to the Jennifer Aniston angled layered hair. I’ve had green ive had blue ive had red, i had mixed. But I have always been proud of my hair. As i grew up i knew though i always wanted my old long hair back. I havent bleached or died the top layers of my hair for years now but ive loved switching between mermaid blue and red underneath, because lets face it, i want to be a mermaid! Any whosay let’s get to todays absolute gutting events.

I have spent now three and a half years growing my hair and I have been sooooo proud of it. it was past my boobs and almost at my waist. It was long and I loved it finally. I especially wanted it long for my brother in laws wedding coming up in june. The only thing is after a year and a half without even a little trim my ends were looking lets just say, like the hairs on a pig, dry brittle and not the greatest thank goodness it didn’t smell like one though.

I have been taking my Cocoa Locks to help keep my hair healthy and help to grow so i thought time for  a little trim to help it along. I contacted the last lady who done my hair as she was brilliant and did exactly what  i asked, just a little snip. I unfortunately didn’t hear back from her (till now i must say) so the impatient person i am, i looked around until i found a lady with good reviews. I arranged for her to come today.

Now i must admit i was nervous i always get nervous using someone new because i know what hairdressers can be like, they get a little scissor happy if you know what you mean.

When she got here she had her daughter which is fine im always happy for that i know what its like, i cant get into a salon because i have no one to watch my kids so that s all good. She asked exactly what and i expressed VERY VERY PRECISELY i want to keep my length maybe just a half an inch NO MORE to help the ends. GREAT she said as i sat down in the soon to be terror chair.

The first snip happened and already i was going to cry. Thr scissors against my back felt very high up and already i was thinking to myself what the actual fudgcicle just happened, i stayed still and quiet and tried to close my eyes because i knew this wasnt what i wanted but with a haircut i don’t know what i can do after the first cut.

She finished and she checked twice the lengths and was like there you go all good!

I ran my fingers through and started welling up. …


Earlier I made her a cup of tea, and she didn’t touch it. But i ran to get the money to give her but she then took the tea and came and sat on my couch and began to chat. Dont get me wrong she was nice but i just wanted her to get out so i can cry and see exactly what she done because she didnt even show me. I did say o you seemed to take a lot off, and all she freaking said was O. O?! O!? Thats all you can say! And then she kept drinking her dang tea!

After 15 to 20 minutes of her not looking to leave i was like i need to get the boys ready so she left. The tears came coming down. Now i know how sad and vain and stupid this sounds, there’s sooo many worse things in the world then getting a bad hair cut i know i know but for me after so long growing it and being so proud of the length it made me feel good about myself and my appearance! So that’s why i was upset. I ran upstairs and looked in my vanity and called Kai right away in bits. As i was crying to him and inspecting the absolute shortest my hairs been in ages (it’s now at my freaking armpit, i then noticed, one side was a good inch longer then the other side! so not only did she make my hair a hell of a lot shorter than i asked she done a very lazy sloppy crap job on my hair and i will now have to pay to get fixed. the tears came again harder. I was now pissed.

Now i havent gone and messaged her and been like what the actual fudge, I’m not that type of person. I will however NEVER EVER go back to her or recommend her to anyone at all and write this blog post haha.

My lesson for the day, don’t trust anyone else with your hair if you have someone already really good and be patient and dont book someone else because you can’t wait.

Have a beautiful day people I know I will now after getting this off my chest and now going to wear hats and buns until i get the mop fixed 😀

-Candi X

Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost in Regina George (Is this Pink Highlighter Worth the Hype?) My honest review

I have become a huge fan of Jeffree Star and his cosmetics. One thing I’m addicted to is his Velour Liquid Lipsticks. They are honestly the best liquid lipsticks I have EVER tried but I’m saving that for another post. … Continue reading

Makeup Revolution

There’s a lot of eye shadow palettes out there both expensive and inexpensive. When it comes to makeup you really get what you pay for so if you want a good long lasting result go a bit more expensive. That isn’t so true for Makeup Revolution palettes. 

I’ve literally become obsessed with their palettes.  With their lasting colours, I can guarantee it’ll stay on my eyes like I just put it on the majority of the day. 

{colour chaos}

They say that the Makeup Revolution  Iconic 3 palettes are dupes of Urban Decay Naked 3 and by golly gosh they are!! Just look for your self!

They are so close!! Hello twinsies!!!

My favorite ATM is the Mermaid vs Unicorn palette (I have a bit of a love for mystical things especially mermaids and unicorns!)

Just look how vibrant those colours are. I can’t get enough of the blues.

I haven’t told you the best part. The price.

When you want a good palette like Urban Decay Naked 3 your looking at spending £38.50. For the dupe of it which I personally find just as amazing, is… Drum roll please…. £4.00!!! I can buy 9 different colour palettes from Makeup Revolution for the same price of one Urban Decay palette! So for a makeup addict like me, I’m in heaven with Makeup Revolution. 

Great lasting palette, fantastic light on your Wallet product.

-Candi X 

Glacial Marine Mud Mask

I had the pleasure of trying out the Glacial Marine Mud mask and what a great mask! As a regular face mask wearer, I couldn’t wait to try this and it really has lived up to its reviews. I applied a very thin layer all over my face after dampening it with warm water so I could open my pores so the ingredients in the mask could get deep in and right away you can see it start going from the dark green to a dry lovely soft green. I must add that very little of this product goes a long way which is always a plus in buying a product.


As I let it dry I just sat and played with my kids and although it was tightening I didn’t feel like my mouth was restricted to move like these other mud masks you find. What was quite cool about this mask was you can literally see where it was working the most by showing darker spots in the mask.


After 20 minutes I washed it all of and wow! My face felt so soft and when looking close at my face I couldn’t see any of those tiny black heads you get on your nose!! It left my face also feeling firmer which is always a bonus 🙂 i don’t think this mask is harsh at all on your face so quite suitable to use as a daily mask or two to three times a week it’s completely up to you and your routines. I really recommend the glacier face mask 🙂 ♥️

-Candi x