My 2017 New Years Resolutions

And it’s that time of year again! End of one year so time to set all new goals for the next! Every year i get on my phone and type a list of everything I want to accomplish and i have to admit, this year was the FIRST year i almost done the entire thing! So i want to break it and do EVERYTHING on this years.The main things I accomplished was one loosing A LOT of weight (that will be on it again in a way haha) and also to save and take my family home to Florida and dammit i done and did it πŸ™‚

  1. Loose 10 more pounds and get leaner by doing a lot more exercise (I lost over 65 pounds this year and i was so proud of myself i feel better look better in my opinion which is what counts and got so much more energy. so now to finish it off hehe)
  2. Find a hobby (i love makeup and i was starting makeup school this year but due to a lot of things i wasnt able to finish it and i do want to accomplish it one day but for now ill enjoy collecting practicing and doing others makeup for fun so i guess that can count as a hobby!)
  3. Learn a new skill. I don’t care what just need to learn something. Ooo maybe I can learn French!
  4. Save more money! ( This year i done amazing im really good at saving! So 2017 I have some really important and big things i need and want to save for so budget budget budget!)
  5. Go on an adventure with the boys. I would love to take them even just camping in an actual tent πŸ™‚
  6. I want to make my blog more frequent. I love sharing my views and makeup hauls and products and just sharing my life with you all so got to planning already some things for you guys!
  7. A big one for me i want to focus on other than my family is to branch out on my makeup and doing it more for people especially on special occasions so fingers crossed eh πŸ˜›
  8. To go along with the loosing weight its to completely tone up! i love working out and the fact that my two boys love it too since i use them as my weights alot lol i need to get back to doing it more!
  9. Go to 3 new places in England. I would love to go to Essex, Liverpool, and Cornwall! i don’t know why but they are three places ive always wanted to visit!
  10. And finally just be happy!


So 2017 is going to be a year of goals, and all of us including you can make your year whatever you want it to be and don’t give up on what you want in life! It is a new start isn’t it I mean it is called NEW YEAR for a reason πŸ™‚

So i would love to know what are all of your New Years Resolutions for YOUR life and year? Happy New Year Everyone!

-Candi X


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Good Morning!


Well today’s going to be a mental day. Woke up early to do another batch of banana bread since my aunt and cousin are coming over, need to go bleach the bathroom, luckily I got the kids all fed washed and dressed, just need to vaccume and put clothes away after the bath room and it’s not even 9 yet. 

After they come, I got to somehow get to the shop with them all to pick up some chicken and salsa as those are the ingredients I forgot to get the other day to make fajitas for dinner for everyone tonight.

And at some point I need to respond to some important emails and do a load of course work. Today’s a very busy one. I hope you all have a fantastic and bright day!!

-Candi X 



Who’s ever been disappointed? I bet any of you reading this has been. Whether it was the concert you wanted to see was sold out, or your size wasn’t there in the dress you’ve had your eyes on for weeks. Or how about even deeper, disappointed in someones actions towards you or people getting your hopes up and then completely crashing them.

Disappointment has really become a very well known acquaintance in my life. However, I’m learning to adjust the gut wrenching stab in the heart feeling. I’m saying to myself, “Right, that’s not happening, so what do I do now to make sure We come out on top?” or “Well that wasn’t the right thing for now at least.”

I use to be sick to my stomach every time some sort of disappointment occurred and yes it does still hurt at times when something disappointing comes along, but life doesn’t always have to be like that. Acceptance. That’s key. Once you accept that there’s a better thing out there for you, or other ways to go around it, you find yourself focusing on finding new ways to get what you want in life. Life is going to keep throwing set backs at you because how boring would it be if you were handed everything on a silver platter? Trials and tribulations is what sets the men or women from the girls or boys.Β Gotta work for it if you want it bad enough.

I’m a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason. and I’ve ACCEPTED that. When something in life that you wanted to do is “set back” you can either

A) get so upset give up and be like everything is ruined (which is what I use to do.)

Β  Β or

B) take is as it is and find a different way to achieve it if it’s something you really really want.

If you want something bad enough in life don’t let the disappointments torment you. Learn, grow, and work harder to get it. You’ll appreciate it more I guarantee you because when you do go through the hard times for it, you’ll be so so so glad when its in the palms of your hand.

-Candi x