Starting my Fitness and Health Journey All Over Again

One thing i use to pride myself on when i was in high school and after getting married was how active I was, how much i loved the gym and how healthy I was. During high school i was always at soccer training or games or practices, the majority of my elective glass were some sort of sport or fitness, and I went to the gym ALOT. And when I got married, the activities stopped but i walked everywhere, i worked out at home or the gym and was more health conscious. SO when i completely let myself go when i was pregnant with both my boys, it changed me so so much. I was unhappy with how i looked and felt, i emotionally ate, and exercise was just walking to one place and then catching a bus back. When I had my second, i was the heaviest i have EVERΒ  been. it was bad and my health took a toll from it all. So i decided i was going to do something about it! i worked out at home i started to eat better again and i was walking place to place., I even finally found a gym and time to go as my husband said he’d watch the boys for an hour a night while i went. I was doing great and in total i lost 65 pounds! i was so happy but i knew i had a lot more i had to do along with toning up. However, we went on a trip home to florida and i felt really good on how far i came, but the food got the better of me. Then, christmas came and that was another excuse and then it was very cold… i was gaining again and i felt soooo sluggish. So finally this past month i decided nope time to be dedicated. I started watching inspirational and helpful tip videos and ive started the gym again and do things at home with the boys. Im looking at different options of what to eat instead of the crap i was fueling my body with or in other words, poisoning it with. I have a long way to go as i have just started this journey again but im excited and more determined then ever. Im so happy to also say my husband will be joining me on this journey but he’s bought a bike to start cycling as a fitness thing for him! We both know we want to be fit happy and healthy for our kids and live a long happy healthy life for them! i may have to start over but if i didn’t start over i wouldn’t have a chance to better myself and i know im in a better frame of mind. I just wanted to quickly come on here and put a little post on how ive just started as i want to share my life and whats going on with all of you! I will try to post updates and i will get back to posting more frequently on here πŸ™‚ I hope you all have a beautiful night and weekend!

Candi X


Update on London

Hey everyone! Realised its been awhile but between me and the boys being sick and me trying to play catchup with my course work, I’ve been a bit all over the place. I’m also redecorating so it’s all going on haha.

Any who I realised since I wrote about us moving to London I haven’t done an update! And to be honest I really should cause a few things happened since.

It was literally two weeks before Kai had to start that he went to get his car (which he knew the breaks weren’t right) MOT’D. I didn’t here from him all day until he got home.

His face said it all he was completely gutted. He sat down as I made a cup of tea for him and he kinda just sunk. When I came back in his face were in his hands. As he began to tell me how bad it was (it failed on loads and was gunna cost around Β£700 or more he said or he could probably get it down to Β£500 to fix) he began to well up in his eyes. He was so upset.

Kai began to cry which he never ever does (he’s going to kill me for sharing that haha) but it was because he was so excited and really couldn’t wait to work there and move up there. 

He told our friends he would do what he could and he done just that but it wasn’t good enough. The car was unreliable and he would have to use a car to drive two hours or so up there and then back down each week before we could move up there.

So to sum it all up, at this point in time we are staying put where we are. As gutted as we are I stand strong in believing that everything happens for a reason. Kais working hard at his job. They let him stay and take back his notice (they were trying to get him to stay anyways.) His boss is thrilled as they have gotten quite close and Kai says if things keep getting better and the opportunity comes about again, nothing will stop him. 

But for now, on to new adventures πŸ˜ƒ

-Candi X  

Social Network pages

Hey y’all and Happy Easter Monday! Who’s feeling completely chocotised? ? I know I am so right after the kids were fed and changed this morning, I went straight into my daily workout :p 

So I just wanted to share that I am on both Twitter and Instagram if you wanted to add me or have a gander πŸ™‚ 

My Instagram Name is candi_girl212


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Hope you all are having a lovely day!! 

-Candi X