Do You Ever Wish Your Life Was Like a Movie?

Want to know a secret?  I am a movie nut. There’s something about sitting down and zoning out from the world and watching people’s life and adventures, even when you know that it’s all make-believe. I really get into it too. I completely forget where I am and who I am with and focus on everything playing out in front of me on the screen. Some people do it with books, but I am a very visual person.

I think I got my love for movies from my dad. I think of all the movies we went to growing up (sometimes sneaking into two which was his favourite thing to do back in the day) and just having such a love for film. He taught me all about POV which may not seem like anything but to me now, when ever I see a POV shot I hear my dad explaining that it’s a shot that’s meant to be the view of a character. Random, I know.

Anyways. Do you ever just sit there watching the movie and think I want that. I want to be like that. I want the independence and adventure of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, The quirkiness of Kate Hudson in How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, the strength and poise of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. Or to be as badass as Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider or Doris Day in Calamity Jane. I’ve got one for you. The love and passion of Noah and Ally in The Notebook.

Omg The Notebook! The feels! Now I am a sucker for a romance movie, I think that’s why I am such a hopeless romantic in real life. I watch them and think O goodness I want that. I want to have that full-blown romantic gesture like when John Cusack stands outside Diane’s window with that boombox in Say Anything? How cute was that?! Or that complete passionate kiss where the people watching can feel the power of that kiss.

Or how about the grand adventure of life! Traveling the world, or sitting on a paradise island like a scene from The Beach (minus the killings. sheesh that be a horrible way of life that part.) I always did want to be a Pirate so maybe one day I can cruise the open sea with good ol Captain Jack Sparrow.

It’s probably not the healthiest of ways, but I do wish some of these things when I watch a movie. However, I definitely don’t want some creepy ass girl crawling out of my tv and kill me, that is definitely not something I want to happen in my real life when I watch a movie. But I do love a good horror 😀

I think this is where it may be a problem. I want adventure. I want to be somebody. Like these people I watch. Some may be fake characters, but the idea, the concept, that can be real life. And that’s something I yearn for. A life worth writing about. A life worth making into a movie for others to see. A life where me and my family could look back on and say I lived. Thanks movies, you’ve set a high standard!

I’m trying. I am. I’ve got plans. Travel the world with my family. Work hard which I have always done and really missed while not working properly for the fast few years. (That’s all about to change though people eeek!) Trying to make each day happy but not so happy people think I am a Stepford Wife. And keeping that child like heart for not only myself but for my kids, you know, like Elf 🙂

For now though, I can thank characters like Jamie in a Walk to Remember and Belle from Beauty and the Beast for teaching me to be loving and not judge people from the outside, Angus from Angus, to stand up to those bully’s and know its ok to be different. And Van Wilder to show its ok to not have to take life too seriously. I don’t think I should go on and on cause this would get dull and very very long!

In the end, a girl can dream, while watching these lives come to life on the big screen.

Candi X





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