Music Is The Time Machine For My Life

We all have those songs where we hear it and just think “This is MY song!” Admittedly I’m THAT girl who almost all songs that come on the radio I’ll openly say “OMG I freaking love this song!” I’m also THAT girl who will freak out or “aww” at the sound of the first second of the song and Kai’s looking at me like how the hell do you even know what song it is? (I’m a music wizard /junky that’s why)
Music is an outlet and a time machine all in one for me. It will bring me back to any point in my life and I’ll never know exactly where or when until it starts playing. Can happen at any time, I just have to hit the on button.
I hear O Town All or Nothing and remember that time I cried in my pillow listening to it on replay all weekend long after a heart wrenching breakup. Or Lil John and the East side Boys Get Low will come on, I remember my 8th grade dance where I found something out and thought F IT and shook my ass off with all my true friends and didn’t let the bull crap of middle school life get to me this one time. Had the best time then!
And then there’s Danny Kaye’s I’ll Take You Dreaming and You’ll Never Walk Alone by Frank Sinatra. I’ll always look back and remember my mom and dad singing them to me. I now sing them to my boys and while doing so, I think of my childhood and it brings a smile and a tear to my face. Every. Single. Time.
It’s weird because the most random song can come on and it’ll remind me of even the smallest time of my life. I think it’s because I’ve always used it as my escape from life, Or just had it on constantly to fight battles, overcome hurdles, feel like someone’s cheering me on, have a good time, or knowing there’s a sweet melody that can understand the hurt and pain I’m going through. It some how soothed me or just gave me the cry I needed. I even now can get teary eyed over certain songs I’ve listened to thousands of times and remember something. Name any feeling or something your going through I guarantee you I can name a bunch of songs to help set the tone for you 🙂
I’m a full on music junky, There’s not just one or two different genres I listen to either. I listen to pretty much all of them and can find the beauty in a song I have no idea what they are saying because it’s in a completely different language.
Music has soooo much power and I have no idea if many people know that but I definitely do. I think I always have because looking back in the way I used it or listened to it I guess. I can listen to something and all those raw emotions, good and bad, come flooding right back as if its all happening again.
I remember when I gave up and left everything behind. It was the time where my whole entire direction I thought my life was headed in, got on a completely different route. I got in my car and put on Ironic by Alanis Morissette rolled down the windows and screamed it (I can’t sing to save my life ) all the way up I95 to my sister’s house who lived about 4 hours away over and over again until I got there, And you know what? I felt freaking amazing. That’s the feeling now that I associate that song to, I feel such an empowerment whenever I hear it.
I can’t express just how much I love music. I love the sound and different ranges of different singers voices, the passion in lyrics, and just the way a beat can turn your whole mood and day around and a lot of the time it’s because it’s a song from a memory.
-Music. Its my own little time machine to my life.
-Candi X
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