Finding That THING You Love To Do

Since I began “adulting” I always looked back and thought why don’t I have these amazing talents so i can keep as hobbies or pursue something with it. My brother Tyler is an amazing athlete, my other brother Alex is amazingly smart at everything and super strong and my sister Jenny is an outstanding singer and artist. Me. I dabbled with everything but never was pushed to do things. I can’t sing, ( although in the shower I sound freaking amazing I must say no matter what my  neighbours may think 😛 ) my soccer days went out the window when I moved to England and found a new love for english chocolate, and anything else well…. I was told I can’t really do.

However, I use to get made fun of a lot of the fact that I’d stop and look at buildings or make comments on certain scenery and take pictures of everything but people. These comments were said very recently. And that’s when I began to think. Yeah I do do this but it’s because i appreciate the beauty in the simplest things. And that’s how i began sharing my photos and doing it more.

I’ve been going through a bit of a tough time again lately and really struggling.I was shutting myself off and out from the world. I found that I felt I was pretty much loosing myself again which from how I felt before I didn’t want that again. I hate the pain I hate the depression I hate constantly feeling alone when of corse I wasnt I have my family and a few great friends but sometimes you can’t help that feeling hovering above you almost strangling you. It weird. By getting stuck back into something its like wow ok, there’s so much to life stop moping around and do something. Dont feel bad about doing something for you. The kids enjoy it because they get to play around while I take a few snap and of corse I get some very cute ones of them too 🙂 Photography has become my therapy (since I refuse to go talk to anyone who will just look at you and the time and repeat “and how does that make you feel? ” que the eye roll.

I’m no pro and don’t know the different lenses or settings and I’ve only began to know what long exposure is but other than being a mother and loving makeup I  found a hobby I absolutely love to do. I’ve always looked at a structure of a building and think wow if it was different from the norm or has a history behind it or even if it’s just old. I look at a simple flower and just see how beautiful something so delicate can come out of a pile of dirt, or the beauty of a valley in this big world and the never-ending ocean and what may lie beneath.

Our world is so unbelievably big and there’s so much to see. I don’t live in the biggest towns but there’s some really cool and pretty places and things just waiting to be snapped up and that moment kept forever on film.  I’ve also got an excuse to travel more now haha!

Do what you love and don’t care who says what about it. If you love it and it’s not hurting anyone why the hell should you stop? I cant wait to keep learning and sharing the way and what i see of the world.

-Candi X



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