Real Techniques Brush Set (Finding an Absolute Bargain)

Any one that knows me knows I

A) Love makeup and anything makeup and beauty related with a PASSION


B) I as equally love bargains, coupons and great deals.

So when I went into Superdrug just to pick up some teething gel and look around the makeup you can imagine my complete excitement on this beauty I came across!


I absolutely adore Real Techniques makeup brushes and in my opinion, they are one of the best quality brushes out there. I walked up to the sign to check that my eyes weren’t deceiving me and I was so happy they werent, this entire  limited edition travel case set was only £9.99! Thats close to just one of the brush prices!

It came with three eye brushes, an eyeliner brush, a base shadow brush and a deluxe crease brush. The single prices of these range from £4.70- £10.67!


Next it came with three face brushes! A tapered foundation brush, a multitask brush and a multitask cheek brush.


It also came with this really cute silvery shiny shell travel case!



I’m not sure how long it will last in stores so head in if you’re looking for an amazing deal or check out the superdrug website because they always have some amazing bargains! Im so so so so happy with this set!

Do you guys like Real Techniques brushes? Whats been your latest beauty bargain find?

-Candi X


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