My House Is Haunted (Story Time)

Hey everyone! As some of you seen I try to stick with a beauty theme but I have sooo many stories that I thought “Hey! I want to share these things with my readers!” So I hope you enjoy and let me know if this is something you think I should keep doing πŸ™‚

Ok from the title I’m sure you can tell its going to be a creepy one and i swear down to you I have soooo many of these type of encounters its crazy. This is why im debating opening a YouTube channel so i can start filming when something happens.

Back in 2014, just 4 months after having my eldest son, we moved into a massionette (ground floor and not in blocks thank goodness as it reminds me so much of a townhouse which I love.) Its in a very small village in the country side so very quiet minus the very noisy at times drunk neighbours out the back.

We have two floors and the two double bedrooms are upstairs with the bathroom. Me and Kai made the bigger room ours out the back and my sons room when he was a bit older the one more at the front and had a built-in closet. Now we were desperate to move and this place had a lot of work that needed to be done, so before moving me and my son would go on our own to decorate and get it all ready for us to move. He wasnt crawling just yet so it was easy to get things done especially since kai had to work and i had no help. From the third day of me just going there i got very weird vibes when ever passing my sons bedroom (ill skip ahead and i think this is why i was more than happy to have him stay in our room for a long time) I would just get very cold when passing it and feel like there wasnt something just right.

For someone who really believes in the paranormal (only because of things that’s happened in my past) when i said to kai something doesn’t feel right, he right away thought your just creeping yourself out because your on your own in a strange place. And maybe he was right!

As time went on, we were moved in and so happy to have our own family home. We even got to know some of the neighbors who all had kids and they adored my son Corey. As i was home alone a lot with Corey since kai worked all day i would know there’s no way what started to happen be possible. Id be down stairs and there would be creaks coming from what would be coreys bedroom. Yes it could just be creaky floorboards but it wasnt little ones here and there it was literally like someone was slowly walking up and down. I tried so hard to ignore it, put the tv louder put music on or just go out.

Then things like doors would close on their own. Windows werent open so that ruled out. I don’t ever ever want to entice anything so i would just keep trying to ignore these things and get on with it.

I started making sure that door was shut so I wouldn’t be able to see in when I would walk past it to go to the bathroom and where our bed was, you can literally see inside there when led down and i always felt like something was watching me. we couldn’t close our door as we had a cat who would scratch to come in every night.

One night, Kai was out late for some reason, and i was sat just watching tv, i cant remember why but some reason i looked into the hallway and at the stairs and that’s when i was shook. I saw a dark face just there and then go. I panicked grabbed a knife and quickly checked upstairs as Corey was asleep in the living room. Nothing.

I was invited to an Ann Summers party one night at our neighbours and i got to talking to one of them and said i know you’ll think im crazy but…….. i shared all the things that have happened and as i knew she would she started laughing. I felt so embarrassed. But she quickly was like the only reason im laughing is it happens here to. Now the way our places are that they are all attached and all as one but single if you know what io mean? My othernighbour who’s next to hear joined in quickly with the convo and started sharing whats been happening at hers for as long as she was there even her mother! I cannot begin to tell you how relieved i was to know i wasnt the only one. A lot of their stories were so similar to mine it was nuts!

After that things quieted and it didn’t seem like much happening except creeks here and there. So i think i just drowned it all out especially since the following year i was pregnant again and in october 2015 had my second son. Fast forward to 2016. I was alone with the boys and giving them a bath. It was a cold day so no windows are open and i always double lock my front door when home. As i was rinsing one of them of the soap bubbles, a very loud BANG came from my living door like someone slammed it shut and then it opened again. Even my boys stopped in fright. I thought crap there’s an intruder i pulled the plug but told them to stay in the bathroom as i grabbed the hardest thing i could find and went to investigate. I was shaking all the way down those damn stairs and said hello? no one answered, i checked and again my front door was locked and no forced entry. as i looked all downstairs there was no one. i ran upstairs to the boys and my eldest was crying scared. I calmed them down and even though i knew there was no draft or any way wind could slam the door shut and open it again cause they are heavy fire doors i just told him it was nothing got them out and tried to take my mind off of it.

I will share this last one with you as this is getting long and i could go on and on and on about what goes on and i don’t want to bore you πŸ™‚

Corey finally got into his room even though i was very apprehensive but at this time things were very slowing down. Until one night he woke up crying and when i got him he said mummy man. i asked what and he pointed into his room. Yeah i don’t admit this to alot of people but this is the main reason “his room is being redone and is staying in with me kai and his younger brother Blake.”

I’ve done research and i havent come across anything like deaths or being built on something or any history of the place at that fact so it’s really a mystery to me and i reeeally really really dont want to try to make “contact” so for now, ghost man or whatever can chill here and we will keep trying to ignore it.

So that’s my My house is haunted story. I’m only sharing with you whats actually happened to me while living here maybe there is some sort of scientifical explanation maybe its this ghost man who knows. πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed so sorry it’s so long trust me, there’s so much more lol. Let me know, do you guys believe in ghosts? do you have any ghost or weird happenings stories? Do you guys want some of my other weird stories thats happened to me in my life time let me know love hearing from you all and have a lovely day!

-Candi X


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