Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost in Regina George (Is this Pink Highlighter Worth the Hype?) My honest review

I have become a huge fan of Jeffree Star and his cosmetics. One thing I’m addicted to is his Velour Liquid Lipsticks. They are honestly the best liquid lipsticks I have EVER tried but I’m saving that for another post.

I’ve wanted one of his highlighters for a while but i just couldn’t decide! Then came along Regina George! Who’s not a fan of the 2004 hit movie Mean girls?! Rachel McAdams plays the top B***c in it, Regina George!  So when i saw the name alone i was quite sold. The only thing that was holding me back was the reviews saying just how pink it was and really in alllll honesty I’m not the biggest pink girl. But I couldnt deny just how pretty it looked. So lo and behold I now own it!

The size itself justifies the $29 cost on his Jeffree Star website (£25 on Jeffree Stars only Uk seller Beauty Bay) I mean, ITS HUGE! I have never seen a single highlighter as big as it is. It’s in his signature pink compact and his trademark Logo on the highlighter itself. I was amazed by how bright and shiny it was when i opened it up it was like the pink goddess came down to say hello!


Time for me to swatch it although i was nervous i didn’t want to hurt this beauty! As i imagined it came out really really pink on my finger! Red flags going alll around for someone who doesn’t like a whole lot of pink on them. Still it was very pretty and so creamy and rich! Then came the real test. How on earth is this going to look as a highlight on my face?!


When i used my fan brush, it didnt seem to pick up a whole lot of pigment so i applied it to my cheeks twice. Right away i knew this wasnt a highlighter for me. It was pink but not as pink as the swatch on my finger. Regina gave the glow that Jeffree star looooves to give, but I really couldn’t see me wearing this as a highlighter. I washed it off and then tried it as a blush and if im honest it definitely works better as it. It’s not so in your face wham bam thank you mam, and a nice pinky glow for the cheeks. I will mention as well though, with all of Jeffrees other highlighters, you CAN use them on anywhere on your body like lips and eyes however, this is the ONLY Skin Frost of his you CANNOT use on your eyes as its not eye safe as it may stain your lids.


SO in all honesty, Yes, it’s a great formula and If you like out there colours as a highlighter by all means go get it! But for me, to spend $29 (£25) on something I will only be using as a blush, Id save that money for one of his other products :p

If you guys have tried it let me know what YOUR personal opinion on it is! Hey maybe i just wasnt the right skin colour for it 🙂

-Candi X



4 thoughts on “Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost in Regina George (Is this Pink Highlighter Worth the Hype?) My honest review

    • oo thatws a good idea i was a little scared to try it as i thought it would die my eyelids haha but thanks hun will have a go! have you tried any of his other highlights? princess cut and peach goddess are GORGEOUS! xx

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