Christmas Eve Pamper Routine

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!!! I can’t believe it’s literally tomorrow! I still have so much to do it’s crazy. So in the middle of all the rushing around I will make sure to give my self a quick pamper to relieve myself 🙂

I am a shower girl cause after 2 years of only having baths as our house didn’t have a shower I really just love a nice long steamy shower. I got this yummy smelling soap from lush called Santas Post box so I definitely have to use this tonight, it’s the season eh? Hehe 

When I’m done I love to lather up with my new favourite lotion ATM. Victoria secrets Amber Romance. Leaves the skin lovely and soft and smelling lovely! 

Everyone usually gets new christmasy pjs but this year I skipped out for myself so il putting on my Disney princess pjs! They are so cute and comfy they feed into my Disney addiction lol

Next I love a good mask and my favourite is the L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow mask. I have dry skin so it really helps with exfoliating my skin! 

As I’ve gotten my nails done by someone and they are gel nail polishes, I’m painting my toes tonight. I had to use my Kiko shimmery red! Nothing says Christmas like a nice shimmery red 😺

As a mom I take loads and loads of photos from the moment the boys wake up and occasionally I’ll be in the photos so to have a glowey fresh face in the morning, before bed I will be applying my Sanctuary beauty sleep mask on. It has such a nice lavender smell too which helps with sleep. 

And finally for scents. I love to set a night with a nice smelling candle or melt and tonight being that it’s Christmas Eve I’ve been burning Yankee Candle Christmas Eve all night. It’s such a soft beautiful smell and love that it goes perfectly for tonight. 

What’s your Christmas Eve nightly/pampering regime?

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas sending lots of love best wishes and hugs!

-Candi X


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