My Eyeshadow Palette Collection(So Far)

I’m not going to lie…  I have a bit of an addiction to makeup palettes and mainly eyeshadow palettes. As my Husband says “How many do you need?! A lot of them have similar colours!” Uh hello! does he not realise that each one has different formulas or that brown isn’t as dark or as shimmery as this one in my other palette? Hehe I’m one that really notices the difference in colours. Its not just purple its a plum purple or a metallic royal purple 🙂 I like having the different varieties to choose from. I may want an all Urban Decay look one day, or a Modern Renaissance cranberry look or even just an all around every day look so each palette can give me all that in just one of the ones I have. Or if I feel a shade from one palette will complete the look with another colour, at least its there. Plus, I mean how pretty are a lot of them out atm?! Any ways lets take a look shall we?


I have to start with my favourite BRAND and that’s with my Urban Decay Palettes.

When I first saw the Alice Through The Looking Glass palette I was immediately in love! Everything from the packaging to the colours were so beyond gorgeous I knew I had to get it. I mean just look at it! Even the little detailed butterfly is so pretty. The colours are a bit out there but I do use them! and I do use the neutral shades on a normal do nothing but be a mom day.  That’s what I liked as well is that you CAN mix it up and do bold or normal. My favourite colour in the whole palette though is Lily which is this BEAUTIFUL pearlescent white/pink. I Mean come on! I love that any which way I turn it can be a different colour. All the colours are so pigmented and easy to blend which I’ve found to be the same with all the Urban decay palettes so that’s why I love them so much.


My husband surprised me on our anniversary with the Naked smokey palette and its so nice! Such a perfect palette for a night out look  but has once again a few colours  that you can wear for every day. I do wear a lot of browns and neutrals and they have a beautiful shimmery brown in it.



I was gutted when I realised when I finally had the money to get the Gwen Stefani palette, it wasn’t sold anywhere anymore by me or even on the Debenhams website. So when I went into a makeup store in Florida and found it I didn’t let go! The gold packaging is so pretty and like most Urban decay palettes have its got the magnetic close which I like. It has become one of my every day palettes with beautiful neutral colours and a few colours where I can add a dash of blue or a pink or gold to be a bit more on the edge hehe. I use the colour stark a lot for my transitioning colour.


Finally in my Urban Decay palette collection is… The Urban Decay Vice! Its so special it even comes in its own zip up case! Its such an edgy palette and I freaking love it! the packaging is so cool with black and kind of a holographic look! I do like on some days to have some colour on my eyes so I love the variety once again like my Alice palette  of the different bold colours. Like all of them its a great mix of matte and shimmer colours.


Next is one I was sooo excited for as I’ve been so dying to get my hands on one or 5 but I’ll settle on 1 for now lol. The Morphe 35F. It has 35 earthy tones with some darker cranberry colours and browns and tans. Again like most palettes have a nice mixture of the shimmer and mattes. I love this one because its perfect for your fall and winter looks very warm. I love how once again they just blend and stay on so well even without setting spray cause I will admit I don’t always spray my face. I cant wait to get some more because they truly are a gorgeous feel and formula and beautifully pigmented!



Now on to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette! I saw swatches on youtube of it and thought wow that’s quite pretty but what sold me was when I saw it in stores and swatched it myself! With its cranberry and earthy tones its another one perfect for the autumn and winter. These colours literally are to die for! I have been using this one a lot lately because I just cant get enough of it! I have to admit cranberry really is in at the moment.



And finally… my BH cosmetics Carli Bybel eyeshadow and highlighter palette. I do really like the highlighters in this one and with a little spritz of fixing spray and a little flick of the wrist into the colour it really does shine bright! I enjoy how soft the eyeshadows are in the palette and as pretty as the colours are, I wouldn’t say these eyeshadows are as good or as pigmented as the rest of the palettes I own but that’s just my opinion. I did really want to love this one as I’ve heard such great things about BH Cosmetics. However the quote under the mirror is so cute and love stuff like that “Aspire to Inspire.”



Christmas is literally on the next road over and I’m so excited! I have a cheeky feeling that this collection will grow by then but you never know! Hopefully Santa thinks I’ve been good haha. I really hope you enjoyed this little look into my palette collection, I love sharing my loves with you all!


-Candi X



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