My American Beauty Haul

Recently I got the chance to fly home for Thanksgiving for the first time in 8 years! That’s 8 years without a holiday season with my family back home which sucks but damnit I made sure I soaked in every second (good and bad) with them and my best friends.

For the months leading up me and Kai saved almost every penny we could to provide a fun filled holiday for us and the kids. We had quite a bit to spend more then we anticipated so our favourite thing other then family and friends time was shopping!
I’ll let you guess what I mainly spent my money on (other then loads in the kids)..
That’s right….. MAKEUP AND BEAUTY!!
When you think of USA if your a makeup lover you think Sephora and Ulta! I’ll show you what I got from both places, Luxury Makeup store, and my new favourite store The Makeup Club! (If you life in or near Hollywood Florida I highly recommend you check them out and I’ll add a link as they even help to ship over here in the UK YAY!) I’ve also got a small Victoria Secret Beauty Haul and a small Bath and Body works haul

First up Bath and Body works!
The amazing beautiful christmasy feel of that entire store made me so happy. I swear we spent over an hour in there just smelling and testing everything! As much as I loved all the lotions and body sprays I had to think of luggage allowance (we still had to buy extra luggage in the end 😂) So in the end I went with getting a CRAP LOAD of something I haven’t seen here in the UK and they smell DEVINE! I ended up buying a bunch of holiday season hand sanitizers!! Each one has a different scent and picture my favourites are definitely a thousand wishes and Christmas morning!!


I couldn’t not stock up a little on my Victoria secret lotions and potions!! Over there did you know it’s cheaper to buy two then one?! And you save loads by buying four!! So I got two of my favourite sprayed since I was in middle school , Love spell spray a Pure seduction night spray, and Love addiction spray which was 4 for $24. I then took advantage of the 2 for $15 and got  Pure seduction lotion and an Amber Romance lotion. I love how they all smell and stay on all day!!


There was a store called Luxury Beauty in the Sawgrass mall and they had an amazing sale so I had to pick up some of the urban decays! I’ve always wanted the Gwen Steffani palette as the colours are gorgeous! So when it was there for half off how could I resist!  I also got the urban decay Vice palette which all the colour are so vibrant and beautiful. There was also an Urban Decay Essential Eye kit which came with three 24/7 eye liners in purple brown and black which luckily I use all those colours, the UD eye primer and three single eye shadows. Finally I bought the All Nighter Setting spray from Urban Decay because it was on sale as well!!! I hit the jackpot with this store because anyone who knows me knows how much I adore the urban decay brand but ill save that for another post.

Now I thought I would go crazy in Sephora as I use to pretty much live there when I lived in Florida, I would spend almost all of my pay checks there. However I only bought two Too Faced Melted Mattes in the shades Queen bee which is a beautiful pinky purple and I had to get the limited edition holiday Candy Cane because its my nickname lol. Its such a pretty red though and the smell is delicious! mocha mixed with peppermint. They also gave me a little Too Faced lip cream in a peachy pink colour. I think if I didn’t go nuts with the Urban Decay products I may of went happy shopping in Sephora but I was still happy with these purchases 🙂



ULTA! Now before I go into what I got there, I have to mention me and my bezzie went dumpster diving and what a freaking experience haha. Again that’s for another post 😛 Now I never would of thought Id be saying this but.. I NOW OWN AN ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS PALETTE!  Not just any palette, ooo no no no… THE MODERN RENAISSANCE PALETTE! The hype of it is real people. The colours are unbelievably pigmented, a gorgeous mix of beautiful colours so you can either add that rosey pinkey colours to it or even just stay neutral. I’m so so so happy with it. Let me know if you’d like me to do a swatch post of it. Next I discovered ABH has a foundation stick which is a type of foundation I’m really digging atm. So I got one in the shade ivory. its such a nice texture and I can either use it for maximum coverage or just a little that’s the beauty of foundation sticks, its buildable.  The next thing I got was Too Faced Better Than Sex waterproof mascara and wow. Ive never loved a mascara so much! Buildable and dramatic effects! The first day I tried it, my husband asked if I was wearing falsies! He never ever mentions things like that so I knew it had to be a big difference 🙂

Makeup Club in Hollywood Florida is seriously the Like I said at the top you need to check them out. I’ve been itching to get my hands on a Morphe palette but as its usually only sold online and shipping’s crazy for here in England, however,  ladies and gentlemen I finally own one! They sell the palettes and brushes and all sorts.  I haven’t tried it out yet but I will be soon! I did buy some other stuff for gifts so because they read this I cant mention it just yet. Haha. I did also get the three pack of NYX liquid suede and a Nyx Cherrie skies lip liner. So so impressed with the service and the variety they have there. If you want to check them out or want to order anything from there Click Here to go to their website ❤

I’ve put both my BH Cosmetics palettes together, I got the Carli Bybel eyeshadow and highlighter palette at Ulta and the Contour and blush palette in a store called Tillys. Again, its another brand I’ve been dying to try so was sooo happy to find them tucked away in these stores!


Now I’m going to class this next bit into one section. Drugstore makeup! I’m on a facebook group and I kept seeing and hearing all about the Wet & Wild brushes. So I went on a mission to get those beautiful white and pink brushes. Little did I know that they were so so so cheap with such great quality! I found them ranging from .99C to $2.99! they were the softest yet sturdy brushes ive ever felt. and they have a groove on the handle for your fingers! Next, I went to Walmart to stock up on some EOS lip balm. price comparison!: England £6-£7, USA $1-3! what the actual?! So yes you know I had to stock up. Also I found a finding dory  lip Smackers chapstick and Chapstick holiday flavours : pumpkin pie, Candy Cane and Sugar cookie so got some of those since I am a big Chapstick girl. If you watch YouTube and especially the makeup Vloggers from America I’m sure you’ve heard of ELF or know it if your in America. OMG ! such amazing prices and again high quality! I got a setting spray, two lipsticks a concealer and a foundation which ill do a review on in another one. 🙂


Well That’s it! At least for the makeup and beauty part 😛 I felt so spoiled as I have never spent so much on makeup in one go! Hey it was a holiday 😀 Let me know if you’ve tried anything or if you want me to do any reviews or swatches on anything, I have a few posts of some like the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette coming soon so keep an eye out 🙂 Mwah!

-Candi X


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