My Top 5 Christmas Wish Lish

Happy 1st of December! This month is my favourite month ever because…. It’s Christmas time!! (I will admit I’ve been getting in the Christmas spirit since September lol) 

I’ve pretty much finished all the shopping for my loved ones especially since I’ve been buying all year for them, and I was finally asked by Kai (my husband) what did I want for Christmas. I don’t think he’s ever really asked me that haha. So I thought I’d share the top 5 things I thought of with all of you!!  

First up! By now everyone has seen the oval makeup brushes right? They look amazing and every review I’ve seen of them make them sound amazing! I am a sucker for nice looking makeup brushes 😀

2nd! I bought my first two Too Faced lipsticks and absolutely love them! Especially the limited edition Candy Cane (actually only bought it because it’s my nickname but the colour is a beautiful red!) so I would love to add more shades to my collection!!

3rd! Again, Too Faced! They have this amazing looking Sweet lips and cheeks Christmas set that I got to try in America while there for Christmas and was gutted I didn’t pick it up. The lip injector is great and the blushes are so pigmented Would love to see this under my tree if I’m lucky ✨

4th! Ysl is one heck of an amazing brand but the Black Opium perfume?! Holy cow it’s gorgeous and lasts all day! I was sent a sample and I was so upset the whole affair with it had to end (sniff sniff) it smells unbelievably beautiful!!

Last and CERTAINLY NOT LEAST: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick! I have become a huge lover of all things Jeffree (some may call it an obsession lol) but I’m on a mission to make a complete collection of all things JS!!! The main colour I’m asking for from Kai if it’s ok by him, is for Scorpio! It’s not a usual colour I’d choose but it’s a gorgeous plum grey!!! Eeekkk😻

Hopefully I’ve been a good girl for Santa this year! 🎅🏼

What’s on all your wish lists this year?!

-Candi X


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Christmas Wish Lish

  1. Having oval makeup brushed changed my life. I have one of the really pricey ones from Artis and it’s the only thing I use for foundation. I also have one of the Makeup Revolution ones which I also think it great. I NEED to smell Black Opium, everyone’s be raving about it!

    Aisling | anthologie.

    • Eeekkk that makes me happy to hear as I’ve been dying to get them! Would you say the MR are just as good as those are the ones I’ve been looking at? You do! OMG Hun it really is one of the best smelling perfumes I’ve ever smelt (I’ve smelt quite a lot haha) I’ll look to see if they are still sending out samples and I can send it to you if you like?

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