Best Things To Bring In Your Airplane Makeup Bag

Hey everyone! I’ve been really excited lately as I’ll be traveling over seas to finally see my family and friends! 

When you go on a flight and like me, going to have family waiting on the other side who may not have seen you for awhile, you want to look nice! I know I do(no matter how hard that may be when traveling with kids and your tired as can be!) 

However, there is the rule of no liquids on a plane so there goes the liquid lipstick, mascara, eye rolling gel, and liquid foundation and concealer a lot of the stuff that we’d use to do our makeup. So I’ve come up with a small bag of goodies to freshen up your face and not break the rules.


First off! While traveling you want to pack your carry on lightly so get a decent smallish bag. I find this size perfect for what I need!

For your face: Foundation sticks are brilliant, especially this one from Primark! It’s full coverage and very blendable with my beauty blender and good enough that it acts as a concealer as well so right before you land, colour your face with it and it’ll even out your tired face. Next, can’t forget to set it with some face powder. Keep it in place while your running around trying to catch your kids since the push chair isn’t there yet, and getting your luggage and going through customs. Then, I absolutely love my Urban Decay Naked Flushed. It’s small so the perfect size for the makeup bag and it has the bronzer blush AND highlight in it if you fancy just adding a bit of colour to your face to brighten it up or to even do a quick contour. (Which I’m proud to say, with having two kids I’ve finally mastered a quick well polished makeup face look woot woot!) 

For the eyes: Firstly, whatever your preference is, a little eyeshadow to add that colour in to your eyes or to retouch your eyeshadow you may have on already. I have a Body shop quad palette (nice and small) that I use to touch up. Because we won’t have our mascara with us, I find having the black liner on it in my top lid makes it a bit more nicer. A simple eye brow pencil with preferably the cute little brush at the end is perfect to make sure your eyebrows are in tact! And then my favourite trick. The white eye liner. When I use the white liner in the bottom lashline, it makes my eyes wider and a heck of a lot brighter. So it’s a great way to fool everyone into thinking your refreshed after that not so comfy and  unrefreshing flight. 

Lips time! : I always have chapstick on me and the aloe lips are great at keeping your lips hydrated especially when your in a plane. Is it just me who finds that when flying my lips get really dry and so does my mouth? For that added colour, I packed my Revlon tint balm stick just to give a subtle hint of colour onto my lips. Colours and solid lipsticks, whatever you choose it’s all up to your preference 🙂 

And finally, the tools: I always have a sharpener just so it’s ready for the pencil liners in case it breaks. Next, my beauty blender, ready to beat my face to make it look as ready as it can be to see everyone. I also bring a fluffy brush to use for my setting powder and for the Urban decay palette. A blending brush is good enough to use for a lot of eye shadow looks whether your just touching up or adding a little colour or even wanting to make a halo effect! I’ll even have a little concealer brush to help use the foundation and setting powder under my eyes. And to help get that curved look on your lashes, a lash curler. A great way to widen those eyes again without any mascara or to freshen up the mascara look you already had on.

And whalah! I’ll be using all that as we get close to landing so I can feel a little bit better about my appearance when my family finally sees me after awhile! 

If you have any other quirky hacks and what not for staying makeup savvy on a plane I’d love to hear yours! 💜

-Candi X


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