What’s In My Touch Up Bag 

If you follow my Instagram , https://www.instagram.com/courtney_jo212/, you may have seen my new nack find!!

I found an older pencil case, (bonus part is it is Nightmare Before Christmas!) I decided that this was going to come everywhere with me, until I find another super cute bag and switch it up of course😁 

So I decided that I wanted to organise my handbag and instead of going with my makeup all randomly in my handbag, this beautiful cool case was going to keep it all together! 

So as we had a family date night, (bring on the cheat meals!) tonight was perfect to show you my “touch up” makeup bag! 

First up, quick face makeup! Now although tonight I used my wake up foundation by Rimmel, it stays on really nicely but always good to have the touch ups at the ready. So first up the foundation stick! Because it’s quite a light colour it’s perfect for under the eyes. Next, remember the whole “o excuse me while I go powder my nose”? Well I can almost always say that as powders always in bag just in case. I’m not oily but it helps set the u set eyes and even everything out. And finally my highlighter block! I think because I love this little block of beauty so much, it comes with me no matter what and if I feel like my glow is fading, I just dust it on top my cheeks, nose and forehead and hello pretty highlight! 

Next my touch up eye tools! Always Gotta have the mascara at the ready! If you use a good mascara you most likely won’t touch your lash sticks, but hey at least it’s there! Can never have too much lash volume anyways can you? 😘 

This simple kohl eyeliner . All nicely equipt with a sharpener at the end, is good to freshen my flick or just widen my eyes throughout day or night. 

Tonight I brought this combo with me. I couldn’t tell you the name of the lipstick as it was a product testing lipstick I was given to test but I so wish I knew because it’s great!! It’s a very nude light tan colour which goes great with the Lux younique lipgloss. Whatever I’m wearing that day I change it up the lipstick. But I do love these as they mesh so well together! 💋

And finally my hero, which is used more then anything in the bag, my Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy moisturiser. My hands get very dry. So this comes out and saves my hands from cracking and feeling icky!  (Need to head to Clarks village to get some more I think.) 

So that is my family date nights touch up bag! It made a difference. In my bag that’s for sure, plus, I now have an excuse to carry another cute bag inside my handbag!

How about you what do you usually bring to make sure you can have a freshen up on your makeup? Do you have a touch up bag? Would love to hear!

-Candi X


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