Banana Egg Recipe

I’m one who love unique and new foods. When I heard Charlotte Crosby mentioned that she puts bananas in her eggs I thought “omg!!! This I have to try!” And let me tell you I’m so glad I did.
I don’t think I want them any other way (well at least for now!) 
So I thought I’d share with all you lovely people the way I do them. 

Firstly, if it’s just you, only one big banana will do. It doesn’t really matter how ripe the banana is if it’s big enough I found. 

Next, once again if it’s just for you, get two medium sized eggs. Some days I do find too much but that’s why I’m glad I have a little man who enjoys them as much as me and has some of mine after his lol.

After take the banana and mash it aaaaallllll up. And go ahead and put a little bit on the end of your fork to have a nibble if your a banana lover like me. 

Now for this step you have two options. 

 Option 1:Go ahead and ad a half a teaspoon of butter into the frying pan
Option 2:Do what I do and put a teaspoon of coconut oil into the frying pan ready for your eggs. I like it because one it’s healthier and two I just love coconut oil.
Then. Add your eggs and quickly add the mushed banana.

Let that simmer around and make it as if you were making an omelette and keep folding it into each other. 

It will be a little gooey but that’s because of the banana but it will settle nicely and blend into the eggs.
I find that it takes about 8 minutes to be fully cooked.

Then finally, get that yummy goodness into the bowl! Not always just sometimes I do like sprinkling someground cinnamon on top. I always seem to make a green tea or some sort of herbal tea all of a sudden to wash it all down.
Now enjoy!! 
Have you guys ever tried this? Let me know if you go and make it and let me know what you think!! 
-Candi X


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