Music Discovery -Day 2 of 7 Topics 7 Days


I love music and that is no secret. I use to love trying to find new music before any of my friends so I could be like “hey listen to this amazing song I found!” Don’t know why, it was just the way I was. Years go on and I’m a busy mother studying and looking after a house and two boys under the age of 3, so the research of music turned to listen to whatever the heck was playing on the radio. So when I found out what the Day 2 topic was for this blog challenge I

1.) Was excited to look for more music


2.) I remembered exactly what and who I wanted to write about as I already clicked back to a band that’s isn’t world wide YET but is sure going to go places.


Walking through the town center in Bath England you always find different buskers on the street showing and sharing their talents and don’t get me wrong a lot of them are great! But the majority of the time i just don’t have long to stop and listen, or I just wanted to get to where I wanted especially on the busy beautiful days. However one day as I was pushing my eldest who wasn’t even a year yet, I heard this amazing music coming from around the corner.

My secret pleasure of music is folk music and i think that’s because my father kept playing it and singing it to me ever since i was very young. And i love the upbeat songs and artist. There was something so pleasing and drawing about the music being played I headed towards it.

Standing in the middle of the walk way surrounded by loads of people were these three guys on their own instruments. No amp or microphones. Just them and their instruments. Their voices all together and even separate were amazing and so distinctive I just wanted to hear more and more! I stayed and listened to all their songs (I believe at the point I came in there were only 3 more before they stopped.) Their music wasn’t like these other buskers. You could tell it was their own music, and they put their all into it. They danced around and interacted with the crowed with every song. It was like being at a gig! You could just tell this was a passion and they sure were having fun. And I cant say it enough, but what talent all 5 of them had! When they finished they spoke to everyone who went up to them which i find really nice to see, but me being the shy gal i am took my son and left.

Funny enough in this YouTube clip that someone else filmed, is the exact place I saw them, not sure if it was same day though.

The whole way around town i regretted not finding out more about them until i remembered their band name and looked them up on Facebook! Before you say o goodness Facebook stalker, they did have a sign saying their Facebook page :p I found a band that i really enjoyed!

From then on whenever I went into town I kept my ears and eyes peeled for them because not only was it great to hear their music, they were amazing and fun to watch. And luckily enough I was able to see and hear them at least 4 more times in person.

I remember thinking they have got to get discovered. They were a rare raw talent that shouldn’t go to waste! And I am so pleased to see that they haven’t.

They seemed to have worked their butts off and I see tour dates, music videos, and even Glastonbury! Although I got to enjoy their talents a few or more times in person, I cant wait till they come back to Bath again (Unfortunately I just missed a gig literally a few days ago!)  This is a band that I would watch and listen to any time and many many times.

If you like the upbeat folk-punk music, or not even that just an all around amazing talented band, Bare Knuckle Parade is one that shouldn’t be missed.

This is their New Single Diamond Eyes which I’ve had on repeat 🙂 SEE! A Music video! 😀 Have any of you had the pleasure of watching Bare Knuckle Parade? Enjoy!


-Candi X






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