Time With Nature (7 days, 7 topics)

I’ve always been an out doorsey type of gal. Id run abou in the street, swim in our lake behind our house, climb any tree in my path, and most of the time unless I was at school, playing a soccer game or in a public indoors place, you would most likely find me with no shoes on, literally feeling the earth between my toes and yes it hurt those dangnabbit rocks.

There’s something about it i could just soak in and feel at peace within myself. I could just sit and soak up my surroundings and it feel like a weight was lifting off my shoulders. Back home in Florida, my go to nature get away was the beach. I would skip school if i was having a bad personal day and just head to the beach. The sound of the waves crashing on to the pier or washing up on the shore, finding all the cool little nic nacks the waves would bring in with each spurt of climb, it made me calm deep within.


However, moving here to England there’s a whole different type of nature i discovered. Hills, mountains, gorges, rivers, plains, fields of never ending grass or flowers. It is beautiful.


I found a place here called Cheddar Gorge and i cant really explain why, but it reminds me of like a fairy tale town. It has something so majestic about its little streams and its hurge gorge with goats! A few times before i had my kids, i took the long trip with a picnic all by myself just so i can sit, on a high top of these hills in the gorge just to take the amazing sites it. It was so quiet. The birds chirping was my soundtrack for the day such a sweet melody.


I could just think. Think about life, try and decode the stuff that was in my head at that time, and just appreciate all that was in front of me.


If there is one thing I hope my boys will learn from me is to slow down and appreciate nature and all that’s before us. Go out and kick a ball, build forts outside, run through the woods and fields, realize that beauty is not just man made and that really, its every where you look.

Where is your favorite place to escape reality? Is it at the beach, or a certain park?

I also would love to invite all of you to come join in the 7 Day 7 Topics bloggers challenge. For more information please go visit http://amazingbeautifulindividual.com  link is at the bottom 🙂 and Let me know if your interested! have a lovely night everyone!

-Candi x







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