Plump those Lips

So this has been playing on my mind lately. I’ve never thought I’d want to do plastic surgery or have Botox or fillers and stuff like that. However I did have that facial rejuvenation and it seemed to of started something even if it really isn’t like the others.

Before that I did notice how much plump lips are in and I always have wanted fuller lips or at least at my top lips. See, I have lip tie, which my gum is attached quite close to my upper lip and causes a good ol fashioned Madonna gap in the front 😜 It also means that my top lip isn’t as plump as I’d like.

So now a days everywhere you turn, there’s the “lips.” Kylie Jenner lips, pretty much all the girls on Geordie Shore and Towie have lip fillers. You name it.

So when I was younger I bought those lip plumping glosses and other then a little stinging, it last a couple hours and that would be it. Now they have these little suction device to plump them for again a few hours. But what’s really on my mind are these lip fillers.

They rang from £150-£300 to get them done and they can last from 6 months to a year (usually it will last a year if you go for more then one procedure) and it’s not something you have to recover from. My only fear, is becoming a trout mouth or too much. 

Again though, I’be been seriously thinking of saving to get it done. But if I didn’t like it after the first time could I leave it or is it something that once I start I would have to carry on going for as long as I’m alive. 

Hmmm more research needs to be done but here’s my questions:

Have any of you had your lips done or thought about it or know someone who has? What are your oppinions? I would love to hear and get some advice pretty please!! 💋

-Candi X 


25 thoughts on “Plump those Lips

  1. I’m looking into it and I’ve spoken to a few cosmetic doctors. The one thing I will say is don’t go to a salon and make sure like me you consult a doctor with training. Less risk and they’ve been trained to do it properly and understand the anatomy side.

  2. There are some very Good reviews on YouTube! But it looks very painful!
    I think it’s important that you don’t over do it..
    Good luck on your search! I’m looking forward to your review (if you decide to go for it!)

    Lots of love!!

    • Oo!! Thanks for some reason I never even thought of looking on there!! Lol. No that’s one thing I’d hope not to happen :/ thank you so much hun! Only time shall tell hehe 😘 x

  3. I used to work in a cosmetic surgery clinic before I went back to the NHS fuil time, I can recommend a place for you where it’s done by doctors. However Aesthetic Nurses are just as good at this procedure than the doctors at a much reduced cost. The reason being doctors just get paid more than nurses and that’s just the way it is. A good friend of mine, is a nurse prescriber and aesthetic nurse practitioner and used to do this procedure at the same clinic i’m talking about, but has since started her own business and clinic. feel free to check her out. xx

    • I can’t thank you enough ! Will definitely be checking it out. Been approached by salons when asking around and they have a lady come in once in awhile to do it but I don’t know if they are nurses or anything so that does put my back up so definitely looking moron nurses and that so thanks!! 🙂

      • Always get it done by a medical professional, i’ve seen people come in with bodge jobs, wnating them fixed and it’s very hard to do if it hasn’t been done properly. you find thta these salons use expired products which is why they are so cheap. Filler or botox need to specially stored and for a certain amount of time. These aesthetic procedure that are done by unqualified staff have been in the news recently. I love vanity but never at the cost of health, so defs do research, ask to see certificates, if they get arsey about it, stay away. I’m hoping to do my filler and botox course by the end of summer, and I would always be happy to show off my qualification and i would probably show it off before they even asked to give people peace of mind. xx

      • I couldn’t agree more! It’s scary how many people will go there just cause it’s cheaper. It’s your precious face and body be careful ! Lol great advice!! Nice good luck with it Hun that’s amazing when you do these you want s good name for yourself not bodged jobs 😦 xxx

    • No unfortunately haven’t used the money for Christmas but looking to after Christmas. O wow really I will have a look thanks! Did it hurt and is it something you have to keep up with every few months xx

      • Aw no! If you’re Local to Manchester the lady who did mine has Christmas offers on! They’re really good she’s doing 0.5 mil for £85 and 1mil for £149

        And it can last 6-12 months I’d say, I had mine done in 2 goes which apparently after you’ve had them done once they last longer! Maybe you could try 0.5 then get another 0.5 after the swelling has gone this should help prolong them!

        Make you’re very specific when you explain what shape you want etc! Xx

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