Tea Bags and Eye Bags

Due to a lot of things, age, sickness, tiredness, and all around stress :p, I’ve developed bags under my eyes. And like most, they are so much worse in the mornings. They are like big puff balls. 

Any of you suffer with them? Well I found a few years ago something that actually helps and no it doesn’t consist of expensive high end eye creams and gels! It’s something that especially all you English women and men have in your kitchen at home! 

Tea bags!! 

The caffeine in the tea bags help wake up your eyes if you may! And to be fair I’ve found that this works a bit better then some eye creams and gels. 

So here’s all you have to do.

I used just 2 regular Yorkshire tea tea bags but I know green tea bags are amazing and highly recommended( yes I know it doesn’t have caffeine but there’s something in it that does the same job) but in my experience these regular tea bags have done the same. 

Take the two tea bags and poor boiling water on them. Let it cool a bit and what I do to give some coolness is put the jar with them in into the fridge.

I left mine in there for about 20 minutes while I got the kids washed and dressed.

When I know they were settled (baby having a morning nap and my eldest happily watching mr tumble) I took out the tea bags, rang them out, and led on the couch with the cold wet tea bags over my eyes. I set an alarm to go off after ten minutes. (It seems long but it goes by quickly especially if your singing along to the telly 😜.) 

After those good ol ten minutes I removed them and took a cold wet cloth to wipe away the teaness left on my eyes and wallah! It seems the more I do it the less my bags are each day! So happy here’s the results the top is before tea bagging 😜 and the bottoms after! 

You can see how at the bottom my eyes just look more awake in general! I tell you it’s that caffeine in it 🙂 Hope you’ve enjoyed and let me know if you try it out!! Send me some result pics and I’ll share as well 😘 

-Candi X 


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