After A Laser Touched My Face


It’s the morning after!! So I will get straight into it. I pulled up to the building and found where the British Laser Clinic was, it’s located in Bristol around the corner from the aquarium. I couldn’t find the entrance at first so rang the studio. I was told they’d let us in in two minutes. Kai came luckily to look after the kids cause imagine that, a baby and toddler going around while your face is being lasered, yeah that could go terribly wrong!

We were greeted by John the owner who showed us up to where the studio was. He was very friendly and interacted nice and politely with myself and the family. John and Kai spoke the most probably because you know guys flock to guy buddies :p

Any ways he sat me down and explained to all of us what was going to happen and he was going to do a patch test on my hand first to see that I had no reaction. 

He applied the carbon which was a black kind of paste all to my right hand, we all put on these special glasses and he started to Laser my hand!

The only thing I felt was warmth. No pain, no discomfort. It was great, smelt a little but great. The smoke coming up was t burning flesh it was all the carbon paste and crap from deep in my skin beeing lasers out.

I will now show you all a close up of my skin. I warned you, this image is scary so please look away if you have a weak stomach . Also, I haven’t slept properly for a couple weeks and have been ill so to be fare my natural face isn’t always like this.


I have quite noticible  bigger pores and fine lines are starting and I had a very dull complexion. 

John applied the carbon onto my face and left it to set for ten minutes. When that time passed he gave me some smaller goggles with a string and warned me he was about to start. Away he went

He kept asking does it hurt. It felt exactly how it did on my hand, just like warmth. He done all one side and then warned that my upper lip would be more sensitive and although he was right, after one flinch it was fine. No pain and no discomfort.

All in all I think that only took about ten minutes today and as I wiped my face I already noticed a big difference.

Some fine lines were gone and my complexion definitely looked brighter. It didn’t leave my face red or sore or anything! and he said there was nothing I couldn’t do! (I could put on makeup, I could go in the sun and in some procedures you can’t do that or even put cream on!) 

I thanked him and said I’d be in touch!!

They reccomend that although you get results after the first treatment that you should try to do at most 6 every few weeks to see a huuuuuge impact and for £25-£50 it’s a blinking bargain!!

If you live in the Bristol area or near (took me about half an hour from where I live and will definitely be going back) I suggest getting a hold of John from British Laser clinic. If not I still would reccomend Carbon Laser Facial Rejuvenation! It really is painless and great way to help your skin. 

Remember this is only the first result and a shame you can’t feel through the screen because my skin hasn’t felt this smooth in years! Ready in 3…2…1….



For a more in depth discription of what it does, take a look of the before a laser touches my face blog. Have a beautiful day!!

-Candi X


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