Before A Laser Touches My Face

Has anyone heard of facial rejuvenation? Yeah I didn’t until i won a free session with a local company. So i started some searching by watching YouTube videos. Big mistake.

I first watched one where this mans face looked like something off of a Freddy Kruger movie. his skin looked like it was red and bleeding and inside out. He said it hurt but as time went on (he filmed over a course of 2 months,) it started to heal and it started to look like normal again. I think I watched about 3 of them and that when I was like, yeah no I don’t want this!

I emailed the guy and asked for a bit more information. So I started reading up on other sites and on his company site that he gave me.

I was looking at the wrong thing that whole time. Facial rejuvenation, the one I’m getting, is actually  Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation. Its a painless and non-invasive laser treatment where  fine carbon powder is applied to the pre-cleaned area of skin that is to be treated. This carbon powder absorbs dirt from deep within the skins pores which helps the pores appear smaller.  After the powders applied, a laser is moved slowly across the surface of the skin by the technician. The laser breaks down the carbon powder, taking with it any contaminants that have been absorbed. As this is a thermal treatment, the heat produced from the destruction of the carbon powder has the added benefit of stimulating the collagen in the skin, leaving it appearing noticeably firmer and smoother with diminished fine lines and wrinkles

I then found the actual videos of what it was and to say I’m excited is an understatement! If you haven’t noticed yet or know me, I’m all about taking care of your skin now (probably because i started noticing a huge difference when I’m looking after it, after all I am not the perky youthful 16 year old i once was.) So a big thing like this that apparently has noticeably results after only one, and helps improve the condition and appearance of my skin without making me look like the walking dead for a few months, I say bring it on!

I’ve left my skin naked today ready for the procedure tonight, and I’ll take before and after pictures so I can share with you all and tell you about my experience and whether or not its worth it. Hope you all are having a lovely day even in this rain here in England!

-Candi X


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