Eye Brow, You Brow, We All Brow Brow


Since I was 14 I started waxing and plucking my brows. I had like catipillar brows so as soon as I got the ok I went at it!! 

Back then, the thin brows were in. So I tried to rock it.

Later I found threading and it’s not bad I found it shaped quite well till I had a horrible lady and she kinda went faaaarrr to thin.

Now the times have changed, and shaped big “fleek” brows are in. (I don’t use that word so I may not of used that in the right context.)

I warn you the picture you will see next may scare you in 3….2….1….

Scary right!? Well for about 6 months I’m trying to let them grow and it’s not making a huge difference so I’m calling all ladies and gentlemen of the brow expertise, Help me please!!

What are some good brow products? Do I go get them shaped and tinted? Help! What’s the best products and tips? I’d love to hear and know!! And I call myself a make up artist haha. 

Have a lovely day y’all!

-Candi X 


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