Makeup Revolution

There’s a lot of eye shadow palettes out there both expensive and inexpensive. When it comes to makeup you really get what you pay for so if you want a good long lasting result go a bit more expensive. That isn’t so true for Makeup Revolution palettes. 

I’ve literally become obsessed with their palettes.  With their lasting colours, I can guarantee it’ll stay on my eyes like I just put it on the majority of the day. 

{colour chaos}

They say that the Makeup Revolution  Iconic 3 palettes are dupes of Urban Decay Naked 3 and by golly gosh they are!! Just look for your self!

They are so close!! Hello twinsies!!!

My favorite ATM is the Mermaid vs Unicorn palette (I have a bit of a love for mystical things especially mermaids and unicorns!)

Just look how vibrant those colours are. I can’t get enough of the blues.

I haven’t told you the best part. The price.

When you want a good palette like Urban Decay Naked 3 your looking at spending £38.50. For the dupe of it which I personally find just as amazing, is… Drum roll please…. £4.00!!! I can buy 9 different colour palettes from Makeup Revolution for the same price of one Urban Decay palette! So for a makeup addict like me, I’m in heaven with Makeup Revolution. 

Great lasting palette, fantastic light on your Wallet product.

-Candi X 


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