Me Time

It’s crazy. In the two years and one month and 11 days of being a mother, the longest I had “me time” was a few hours. If I wanted to pamper myself, I have my kids with me. Need to go shopping their with me. To work out I even use them as my weights which thank goodness they love hehe.

I think for me I felt a bit guilty leaving them in one sense even though I’d crave even that 20 minutes of my bath alone at night. But as I’m sat here on a double bus, on top I might mention, (can’t do that with a push chair!) and listening to my iPod (I had to dust it off it’s been that long since I’ve been able to plug them in on a bus trip, and traveling back home after12 hours of me time, I’m really reflecting on my time.

I love my kids. I live, breath and beyond love my kids. I should feel guilty when I say this but, I really enjoyed it. I felt relaxed, it felt odd but almost pleasing not having to see to them as soon as I wake up. I could get dressed and washed first take some proper time on my makeup and drink a HOT cup of coffee. I even goofed around with my cousin which is a different goof I’m like with my kids. I felt really refreshed.

Due to certain circumstances in life, this isn’t something I can do often hence why in the first time in two years I had that amount of time to just go without my boys to visit my aunt and cousin. But it made me reflect, I can love my boys more then anything but I can love my time as well.

As I mentioned in my Out of the Darkeness blog I’ve started feeling like I’m getting me back. And this day has helped as well. As mothers, I think we all need to do something to connect with ourselves. Keep us healthy in head and heart. Get to know yourself again. Enjoy something you may not get to do often since having kids. I guarentee you you’ll feel amazing.

I love my boys and I can’t wait to get home to them I’ve missed them beyond believe. But I’m glad I’ve had some me time. 🙂

-Candi X


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