Glacial Marine Mud Mask

I had the pleasure of trying out the Glacial Marine Mud mask and what a great mask! As a regular face mask wearer, I couldn’t wait to try this and it really has lived up to its reviews. I applied a very thin layer all over my face after dampening it with warm water so I could open my pores so the ingredients in the mask could get deep in and right away you can see it start going from the dark green to a dry lovely soft green. I must add that very little of this product goes a long way which is always a plus in buying a product.


As I let it dry I just sat and played with my kids and although it was tightening I didn’t feel like my mouth was restricted to move like these other mud masks you find. What was quite cool about this mask was you can literally see where it was working the most by showing darker spots in the mask.


After 20 minutes I washed it all of and wow! My face felt so soft and when looking close at my face I couldn’t see any of those tiny black heads you get on your nose!! It left my face also feeling firmer which is always a bonus 🙂 i don’t think this mask is harsh at all on your face so quite suitable to use as a daily mask or two to three times a week it’s completely up to you and your routines. I really recommend the glacier face mask 🙂 ♥️

-Candi x


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