Easter Makeup!

  Hey!! So I thought Easter was a great excuse to do a little out there look and play with my Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos palette. So I came up with this!! 

When I think of Easter colours I think yellow blue and pink and even purples so that’s what I went for 🙂 

First I used my Collection #concealandlightlikeapro for a bit of colour correcting and a little contouring. Highlighting just my upper cheeks (I’ve got quite high cheek bones as it is) and my forehead and a little on my nose. I thin used Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in shade 100 ivory and done a thin layer all over my face. I find this foundation so light on my face making it not feel, or even look like its caked on. Next, I lightly dusted my Revlon highlighting palette in 020 Rose Glow over my cheeks. 

Now my face was on so time to play with my Colour Chaos! I used super Y on my kids. Taking a little of WKD I used my angle brush us make an exaggerated winged eyeshadow look staying above my crease and then bringing a little of it in the outer corners of the lid to about where your pupil starts. 

Next, I cut my crease a little with Ammunition. I then blend it. After, I took a small eye shadow sponge applicator and used Beyond real to put 4 pink dots on my lid going outside in. I used my Absolute eyeliner in blue to line the top and bottom of my eyes. And finally, some good ol 3D mascara to extend my lashes.

I’ve had to use a bright pink so I went for my Sexy Mother Pucker from Soap and Glory shade in Whoppink. I love it cause it makes my lips look bigger! Add a little makeup fixed spray and bam you have this look! 

I hope you all have a great Easter and enjoyed this little tutorial!  Have a lovely day!

-Candi X


Makeup Revolution

There’s a lot of eye shadow palettes out there both expensive and inexpensive. When it comes to makeup you really get what you pay for so if you want a good long lasting result go a bit more expensive. That isn’t so true for Makeup Revolution palettes. 

I’ve literally become obsessed with their palettes.  With their lasting colours, I can guarantee it’ll stay on my eyes like I just put it on the majority of the day. 

{colour chaos}

They say that the Makeup Revolution  Iconic 3 palettes are dupes of Urban Decay Naked 3 and by golly gosh they are!! Just look for your self!

They are so close!! Hello twinsies!!!

My favorite ATM is the Mermaid vs Unicorn palette (I have a bit of a love for mystical things especially mermaids and unicorns!)

Just look how vibrant those colours are. I can’t get enough of the blues.

I haven’t told you the best part. The price.

When you want a good palette like Urban Decay Naked 3 your looking at spending £38.50. For the dupe of it which I personally find just as amazing, is… Drum roll please…. £4.00!!! I can buy 9 different colour palettes from Makeup Revolution for the same price of one Urban Decay palette! So for a makeup addict like me, I’m in heaven with Makeup Revolution. 

Great lasting palette, fantastic light on your Wallet product.

-Candi X 

Me Time

It’s crazy. In the two years and one month and 11 days of being a mother, the longest I had “me time” was a few hours. If I wanted to pamper myself, I have my kids with me. Need to go shopping their with me. To work out I even use them as my weights which thank goodness they love hehe.

I think for me I felt a bit guilty leaving them in one sense even though I’d crave even that 20 minutes of my bath alone at night. But as I’m sat here on a double bus, on top I might mention, (can’t do that with a push chair!) and listening to my iPod (I had to dust it off it’s been that long since I’ve been able to plug them in on a bus trip, and traveling back home after12 hours of me time, I’m really reflecting on my time.

I love my kids. I live, breath and beyond love my kids. I should feel guilty when I say this but, I really enjoyed it. I felt relaxed, it felt odd but almost pleasing not having to see to them as soon as I wake up. I could get dressed and washed first take some proper time on my makeup and drink a HOT cup of coffee. I even goofed around with my cousin which is a different goof I’m like with my kids. I felt really refreshed.

Due to certain circumstances in life, this isn’t something I can do often hence why in the first time in two years I had that amount of time to just go without my boys to visit my aunt and cousin. But it made me reflect, I can love my boys more then anything but I can love my time as well.

As I mentioned in my Out of the Darkeness blog I’ve started feeling like I’m getting me back. And this day has helped as well. As mothers, I think we all need to do something to connect with ourselves. Keep us healthy in head and heart. Get to know yourself again. Enjoy something you may not get to do often since having kids. I guarentee you you’ll feel amazing.

I love my boys and I can’t wait to get home to them I’ve missed them beyond believe. But I’m glad I’ve had some me time. 🙂

-Candi X

Glacial Marine Mud Mask

I had the pleasure of trying out the Glacial Marine Mud mask and what a great mask! As a regular face mask wearer, I couldn’t wait to try this and it really has lived up to its reviews. I applied a very thin layer all over my face after dampening it with warm water so I could open my pores so the ingredients in the mask could get deep in and right away you can see it start going from the dark green to a dry lovely soft green. I must add that very little of this product goes a long way which is always a plus in buying a product.


As I let it dry I just sat and played with my kids and although it was tightening I didn’t feel like my mouth was restricted to move like these other mud masks you find. What was quite cool about this mask was you can literally see where it was working the most by showing darker spots in the mask.


After 20 minutes I washed it all of and wow! My face felt so soft and when looking close at my face I couldn’t see any of those tiny black heads you get on your nose!! It left my face also feeling firmer which is always a bonus 🙂 i don’t think this mask is harsh at all on your face so quite suitable to use as a daily mask or two to three times a week it’s completely up to you and your routines. I really recommend the glacier face mask 🙂 ♥️

-Candi x