Who’s ever been disappointed? I bet any of you reading this has been. Whether it was the concert you wanted to see was sold out, or your size wasn’t there in the dress you’ve had your eyes on for weeks. Or how about even deeper, disappointed in someones actions towards you or people getting your hopes up and then completely crashing them.

Disappointment has really become a very well known acquaintance in my life. However, I’m learning to adjust the gut wrenching stab in the heart feeling. I’m saying to myself, “Right, that’s not happening, so what do I do now to make sure We come out on top?” or “Well that wasn’t the right thing for now at least.”

I use to be sick to my stomach every time some sort of disappointment occurred and yes it does still hurt at times when something disappointing comes along, but life doesn’t always have to be like that. Acceptance. That’s key. Once you accept that there’s a better thing out there for you, or other ways to go around it, you find yourself focusing on finding new ways to get what you want in life. Life is going to keep throwing set backs at you because how boring would it be if you were handed everything on a silver platter? Trials and tribulations is what sets the men or women from the girls or boys. Gotta work for it if you want it bad enough.

I’m a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason. and I’ve ACCEPTED that. When something in life that you wanted to do is “set back” you can either

A) get so upset give up and be like everything is ruined (which is what I use to do.)


B) take is as it is and find a different way to achieve it if it’s something you really really want.

If you want something bad enough in life don’t let the disappointments torment you. Learn, grow, and work harder to get it. You’ll appreciate it more I guarantee you because when you do go through the hard times for it, you’ll be so so so glad when its in the palms of your hand.

-Candi x




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