Glitter Everywhere! 

For people who know me, I loooove makeup. Ever since I was very young, like any other girl really. I use to have to sneak makeup out and put it on at school!! Anywhosay that’s another story. I recently had my nails done by a lovely lady named Lette. She’s a beautician and very nice. I was looking through her price list when I came across “Glitter lips.” When I asked her what that was, she told me it’s a new trend where it’s simply glitter added on to your lips. It looked really cool. But to be fair it then just went out of my mind.

About a week later I came across a page called The Beauty Box Boutique. They were running a competition to win glitter kits for Glitter lips and eyes! It looked amazing. It sparkled. IT shined. I wanted some.

The company was asking for people to post pictures of eyes and lips to see if they could use for their website. So I done some looks and sent them my pictures.


To much of my pleasant surprise they liked it! We chatted more, I done some more looks and they asked if it was ok to send me some samples to do some looks and try the glitter out.

Yay!! Glitter! The package came so quickly I couldn’t wait to get started. They send me an applicator which one end was an eye sponge the other was a lip brush, four different colour glitters and the glue. I got started in making a glitter lip tutorial.

I have to say the glitter was so pretty and the application was great. I was impressed on how well it stayed on as well!! It looked great and to be honest I’m hooked.

It was the same for the eyes. Stayed in place great and didn’t irritate my skin eyes or mouth.

The Beauty Box Boutique has some amazing colors to choose from. And they don’t only do the glitter for glitter eyes and lips, they do glitter tattoos and glitter for crafts as well.

Customer service is great and the owners are extremely friendly and helpful. Head over to their Facebook and tell them Courtney Jo sent ya 😉
-Candi X


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