Ambi Pur 3volution


  I just want to take this moment to speak about this little bit of pur (see what i did there?)  bliss that graced our home with the sweet sweet aroma of vanilla over this Christmas holiday.

    Now, I love air fresheners. I love the ones that sprayed into the air automatically, I love the ones you spray yourself, I have a bit of a candle obsession;LOVE LOVE LOVE Yankee!, and I really enjoy the plug ins. So when I was sent this Ambi Pur 3velution from a group that I test products with, I couldn’t wait. I had to read all about it because that just how I am, I love knowing the ins and outs of things. I never heard of the 3volution line so this was going to be interesting.

    I was a little wary because when you hear vanilla, you think sweet, and some of these air fresheners can be just too sweet where it causes headaches, am I right or am I wrong? Well! Was I in for a lovely surprise.

    Not only is the vanilla scent a really nice, not so in you face vanilla smell, there were three other different types of vanilla smells every 45 minutes!  One reminds me of a coffee shop, HELLO STARBUCKS VANILLA LATTE! Another one reminds me of just plain old vanilla fudge, and I couldn’t put my finger on what the last one reminds me of, but it is lovely that’s for sure.  My husband, who hates sweet smells, absolutely loves it!

Due to the fact that the scents change every quarter of an hour, I constantly kept smelling it and I love it. I feel proud that my house smells that good! When ever I have a visitor, I put it to level three just to give the extra boost, even though at a level two, it smells just as nicely too. I don’t think there has been one person who didn’t compliment the smell of the house, and no they weren’t talking about if one of my boys had a poo’ey nappy. That’s another plus, the Ambi Pur 3volution has Fabreeze in it so eliminates bad odors.

I’ve had mine since November and its still going! Admittedly mine isn’t on all the time, but it is when we are home. So it goes to show that its a long life product as well unlike some of these air plugins that you have to change every so often.

I’m now hooked. I’ve already bought about two different refills, the cotton fresh and the Himalayan one. I’ll never give up my candles, because once the boys are older they WILL be everywhere, but as for our main freshener, I will be using the Ambi Pur 3volution and I would highly recommend anyone reading this to go and try it! You wont be disappointed.



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