Ambi Pur 3volution


  I just want to take this moment to speak about this little bit of pur (see what i did there?)  bliss that graced our home with the sweet sweet aroma of vanilla over this Christmas holiday.

    Now, I love air fresheners. I love the ones that sprayed into the air automatically, I love the ones you spray yourself, I have a bit of a candle obsession;LOVE LOVE LOVE Yankee!, and I really enjoy the plug ins. So when I was sent this Ambi Pur 3velution from a group that I test products with, I couldn’t wait. I had to read all about it because that just how I am, I love knowing the ins and outs of things. I never heard of the 3volution line so this was going to be interesting.

    I was a little wary because when you hear vanilla, you think sweet, and some of these air fresheners can be just too sweet where it causes headaches, am I right or am I wrong? Well! Was I in for a lovely surprise.

    Not only is the vanilla scent a really nice, not so in you face vanilla smell, there were three other different types of vanilla smells every 45 minutes!  One reminds me of a coffee shop, HELLO STARBUCKS VANILLA LATTE! Another one reminds me of just plain old vanilla fudge, and I couldn’t put my finger on what the last one reminds me of, but it is lovely that’s for sure.  My husband, who hates sweet smells, absolutely loves it!

Due to the fact that the scents change every quarter of an hour, I constantly kept smelling it and I love it. I feel proud that my house smells that good! When ever I have a visitor, I put it to level three just to give the extra boost, even though at a level two, it smells just as nicely too. I don’t think there has been one person who didn’t compliment the smell of the house, and no they weren’t talking about if one of my boys had a poo’ey nappy. That’s another plus, the Ambi Pur 3volution has Fabreeze in it so eliminates bad odors.

I’ve had mine since November and its still going! Admittedly mine isn’t on all the time, but it is when we are home. So it goes to show that its a long life product as well unlike some of these air plugins that you have to change every so often.

I’m now hooked. I’ve already bought about two different refills, the cotton fresh and the Himalayan one. I’ll never give up my candles, because once the boys are older they WILL be everywhere, but as for our main freshener, I will be using the Ambi Pur 3volution and I would highly recommend anyone reading this to go and try it! You wont be disappointed.


Part 1: Beginning of the Journey

For those who knew me back in high school, they knew or at least heard I wanted a cosmetology career. The hair, the nails, the skin care, and more importantly, the makeup career. It was my dream. It was my passion. I knew for a very, very, very long time what I wanted to do and to some, I made some pretty high goals with it which included after school, I would travel and do hair and beauty for my own clients and move up in the world by doing movies, theater, tv, pretty much try and make it to the big times! Then when that was going, make my own makeup brand. I was dreaming big because why not right?

    First, I wanted to get a job in a salon. CHECK !Before I even went to college, I was offered a job in a salon right out of high school and although I was only an assistant, I absolutely loved it. I was in my complete element. My boss was completely fabulous. She always had this sort of glamorous composure about herself. They helped me look up which schools would be best for me to attend to get my certificate.

I found a cosmetology school. Yes it did focus on hair which for me, was just as much my passion as makeup is! And thanks to my small but great salon family, I got enrolled.  Another step into achieving what i wanted in my life.

I was loving it! However, I was paying for all my courses and kits and what not with my own money from what i made at the salon. Before I started I was working from open to close, 6 days a week and with that plus the amazing tips I was making, I brought in great and I mean great money. But when i started my courses, my hours were cut in over half because Ihad college 5 days a week till about 2, 2:30pm. Even though I still went into work everyday I wasn’t making even close to what I did before. Another chunk of my tuition had to be payed and it was quite close to the Christmas break. So, I decided I needed to finally ask my parents for help. Well I have to say I love my parents but at this point, our relationship was shattered completely. Since becoming a working girl paying her way through schooling and everything I never and I mean NEVER asked my parents for a penny. So when I eventually asked them for help, I did not expect the response I was going to get. It was like I was asking for a hundred grand! Throughout the years and even then I knew my Dad helped his older kids with money. I asked them if they could help me with this tuition part and I would pay them back when I could. No. No way in hell basically they said. So being the girl I was, I let them know exactly how I felt hurt that they wouldn’t be willing to help me out just for a little while, especially since i never ask, I told them I would pay it back, especially since I knew that when Summer came and breaks came, Id be making the good money again,  and that why would they help the other three?! I wont go into too much detail what happened next because this is a big time that, like i mentioned before,  completely broke us as a family.

I decided to leave. I was done. And before you think wow what a brat, there is a whole lot more to it then I can bring myself to say. Just trust me when i say it turned into something far more serious then my parents not helping me out with tuition. I left School, well being that I couldn’t afford the next tuition I would of been kicked out any ways, I went straight to my work with my two bags of clothes and things i thought i would need, and explained a little what happened, apologized and headed up north after emptying my bank account. I didn’t know exactly where i was going or what i was going to do I just knew i needed to get as far away from home as possible.

I rang my older sister and asked if it was possible to come stay with her for awhile. Luckily she said yes and I tell you what, I sometimes forget how much of a big heart she has because we barely speak now but I love her and I’ll forever be grateful to her for this time. She took me in although she has two kids of her own. I spent a while there and really had to clear my head and decide what on earth I was going to do because I felt myself about to spin out of control.  Some crazy thoughts were happening, I began to smoke , which I promised myself i would never do, and I found myself wanting to get drunk a whole lot to numb everything.

Since she lived by the beach I knew I could always go there because growing up I found the beach to be my safe haven. I sat. I planned. I knew my next step in life.

I was going to England.

*Stay tuned for part two.*