HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! This has been one heck of a year. My family in Florida, other then my mom, met my son for the first time which was a very touching, and amazing vacation/home visit as i got to meet my niece and nephew for the first time. Also found out while i was there (literally the second week i was there!) that I was pregnant with me and hubby’s second baby! (Thank goodness i wasn’t feeling like those martinis or strawberry daiquiris then eh? :p) Had a lot of downs from finances, personal issues, relationships breaking/broken,  you name it. And then having our little baby boy number two and our family of four first Christmas 🙂 It sure was a whirlwind.

  Now in the spirit of the new year I will say the traditional cliche “new year new me ” blah blah. Throughout the years I’ve gotten quite tired of saying it and hearing it cause in the end of the day a majority of us stay the same. Every year we come up with an entire list of goals we set for ourselves, year after year of the same shizzy, that we never do, hence why its ALWAYS on the list. HOWEVER, I need to say this year is so going to be different because I’ve ALREADY set in motion some goals. I’ve only chosen two that i know i WILL be finishing  to say are my “Resolutions”:)

1.)Get a career qualification….

I am unbelievably proud and happy to announce i have enrolled in Makeup artistry level 3! Not only is it your standard makeup, its facial treatments, prosthetic, nails, Hollywood eyelashes,  you name it! Ever since i was a teenager i had a full on passion for makeup, i was actually going to school for cosmetology after I graduated high school before I came to England… (this is a whole story ill get into another day for you guys :p) I’m now 26, have two kids and I’m going after my dreams… On that note ill leave what i want to say on that for another day as well.

2.)Get my drivers license for England. 

I use to LOOOOOVE driving. But ever since i moved here, due to hubby being able to drive I’ve left it because in all honesty, I’m terrified of these roads! In Florida the roads are big and go north to south and east to west! easy as! Here though, small, curved and i get lost even as a passenger. I need this though. one because I’ve got two kids, I’m restricted where I’m at and i want to do a whole lot with them. Not only that, once i have my qualification i will be starting my business (EEEKKK I get so excited just thinking about that already!) and i need to drive to my clients and venues and whatever my career path leads me.

So yes those are the only two GOALS i have set for myself. Anything and everything else that I may want to do will be a bonus and I wont be working myself about it but these two things, they are important to me and I made sure I made some sort of start or little drag towards them so I know it’ll be done this year 🙂

Happy New Year everyone and many blessings to you all I hope this year brings a lot of luck, love and happiness to everyone! Stay safe if you are going out! I’m going to enjoy a night in with the three boys in my life eating sausage casserole, drinking toffee apple watered down squash and stuffing our faces with Christmas Chocolate while hoping to still be awake to see the ball drop 🙂 Here’s a Goodbye to 2015 and Hello and Welcome 2016!

-Candi x


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