I’m Back!

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So after a few years on hiatus, I’ve come back to writing on here. so HELLO!  If you’ve been a past reader, you may realize a lots been deleted, that’s because i want to start fresh and some of the posts still on i think go more with what i want to share with everyone 🙂

Lots has happened, including and most importantly, i now have TWO yes you read correctly, TWO little boys. One who’s going to be TWO in February, and one who was born this October. so yes, two BOYS under the age of two and man do they keep me going Especially big bro.

Me and Hubby have really grown up since becoming parents think its done us BOTH a world of good. They boys are the lights of our lives.

Although my  world has changed, in so many aspect,  one thing for sure that hasn’t is my ways of looking at things and finding beauty in the world. (Along with my disappearance from this blog, so did my sight on the world for awhile. But i’m happy to say its come back and i so hope you enjoy me sharing it with you all!)

So hello again everyone and welcome, welcome to my AMERICAN BRIT  LIFE!

-Candi x


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