Happy Fathers Day


I am one lucky girl. they say that a girls first love is their father. Ever so true. .My dad is one of the most inspirational men i have ever met and I’m so lucky to call him my father. Hes raised 7 kids, adopted 6 of them, and loved every single one through the good and bad. Hes so caring and warm hearted. Hes helped every single one of his kids through all the struggles of growing up and smiled through all the happiness. At 73, hes still a father of teenage boys, coaching games, and waking up at 4 in the morning to start his long day at work to provide for his entire family. Hes seen most the world, acted, met so many inspiring people. I couldn’t live without my father, its bad enough i never get to see him him being on the other side of the world. But i had to dedicate this blog to him. my father, my daddy, my rock. I love you daddy more then you can possibly imagine Today’s all about fathers but it shouldn’t be the only day you tell your pops how much you appreciate them and love them 🙂

-Candi x


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