Ever After


 My escape from life, stress, just everything, is music. And I’m always trying to discover new music. At the end of last year i was going through a really hard time. I came across this very mellow, soul touching, heart full, song. As soon as i tuned into it i felt all my anxiety, fears, heartaches, just start fading into the back of my mind. I felt at peace. I started researching right away to find this song. I typed in some of the words i remembered from that enchanting melody. Marianas Trench- Ever After. I found it. I found what helped me through so much. Its amazing how just one simple song could help make you feel so much better. But not only that. I listened to Marianas trench Ever After album and with every song i listened to, I fell more and more in love with this band. There’s not one song off of any of their three albums that i don’t love. That’s right not like, love. From their silly dance about songs, to their soulful melodies, this band has touched my heart. When ever I need a huge pick me up, i turn on to some MT especially Ever After, and just relax. That’s why I dedicated my Blog name Arcadia, after one of their songs. You know you’ve found a good band when their music calms your soul and touch your heart.

-Candi x


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