Hello world!

Hello! I’m new at committing to blogging but i thought I’d give this a try. I love to write. I find it freeing and sharing out whats on my mind especially since I’m better at writing things out then actually saying them. I cant promise the most interesting posts but i do promise its not going to be all the same. I see life different, positive with the bad being just the hurdles to get to the good stuff. My situation in life is a bit different from most of the people where I’m from. Straight out of high school, as an american, i tried college, then decided to try out England. 6 years later, I’m an American actually living with my husband and two kids (UNDER TWO I MAY ADD!) and working in a completely different country with so many different views, and ways of life. Here you can see what i see, and do. I don’t live the most exciting life, but its my life. My book. My story. Any ones welcome. Hope you somewhat enjoy 🙂 

                 -Candi x


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