Happy Fathers Day


I am one lucky girl. they say that a girls first love is their father. Ever so true. .My dad is one of the most inspirational men i have ever met and I’m so lucky to call him my father. Hes raised 7 kids, adopted 6 of them, and loved every single one through the good and bad. Hes so caring and warm hearted. Hes helped every single one of his kids through all the struggles of growing up and smiled through all the happiness. At 73, hes still a father of teenage boys, coaching games, and waking up at 4 in the morning to start his long day at work to provide for his entire family. Hes seen most the world, acted, met so many inspiring people. I couldn’t live without my father, its bad enough i never get to see him him being on the other side of the world. But i had to dedicate this blog to him. my father, my daddy, my rock. I love you daddy more then you can possibly imagine Today’s all about fathers but it shouldn’t be the only day you tell your pops how much you appreciate them and love them 🙂

-Candi x


Ever After


 My escape from life, stress, just everything, is music. And I’m always trying to discover new music. At the end of last year i was going through a really hard time. I came across this very mellow, soul touching, heart full, song. As soon as i tuned into it i felt all my anxiety, fears, heartaches, just start fading into the back of my mind. I felt at peace. I started researching right away to find this song. I typed in some of the words i remembered from that enchanting melody. Marianas Trench- Ever After. I found it. I found what helped me through so much. Its amazing how just one simple song could help make you feel so much better. But not only that. I listened to Marianas trench Ever After album and with every song i listened to, I fell more and more in love with this band. There’s not one song off of any of their three albums that i don’t love. That’s right not like, love. From their silly dance about songs, to their soulful melodies, this band has touched my heart. When ever I need a huge pick me up, i turn on to some MT especially Ever After, and just relax. That’s why I dedicated my Blog name Arcadia, after one of their songs. You know you’ve found a good band when their music calms your soul and touch your heart.

-Candi x

Hello world!

Hello! I’m new at committing to blogging but i thought I’d give this a try. I love to write. I find it freeing and sharing out whats on my mind especially since I’m better at writing things out then actually saying them. I cant promise the most interesting posts but i do promise its not going to be all the same. I see life different, positive with the bad being just the hurdles to get to the good stuff. My situation in life is a bit different from most of the people where I’m from. Straight out of high school, as an american, i tried college, then decided to try out England. 6 years later, I’m an American actually living with my husband and two kids (UNDER TWO I MAY ADD!) and working in a completely different country with so many different views, and ways of life. Here you can see what i see, and do. I don’t live the most exciting life, but its my life. My book. My story. Any ones welcome. Hope you somewhat enjoy 🙂 

                 -Candi x